How the Pandemic has caused a change in Human Behaviour

The big global event, COVID-19 has caused a change in human attitudes and behaviors today. While the normal life may come back, but there’s no question that many things will change, possibly forever. What will majorly see a paradigm shift is a way we think, our communication, design, and experience? The answer to all these emotions will lie in how people will react and how individuals, families, and social groups — all sources of creative innovation — hack new ways to live.

While we all greeted each other with happiness, kept in constant touch, went out for a drink with our friends, things have now drastically changed. This is not just because people are afraid, but staying at home for so long, as connected us to our real selves and thus we are just being true to our nature.

Some new human Behaviour Trends are:

  1. Sensitivity to social interactions: While earlier meetings and gatherings were an event we all looked forward to, now for some it still remains the same, for the others, it has become an event that one wants to avoid because they are too afraid. The sense of fear because of the potential threat has lead to a perception of danger when around people.

People have lost faith in trust, friendship, relations as everyone they meet now seems a likely virus carrier.

2. Virtual Society: With everything now going digital from forced virtual working to socializing has to lead to a massive shift towards virtual life. It will have an effect on communication, learning, working, consuming thus impacting everyone around.

The next world will belong to the virtually adept individuals and not the bookish smart kinds.

3. Isolation: With everyone being advanced of self-isolation, it might soon become the epicenter of life and experience. This will lead to comfort carrying a premium price.

The desire of cocooning along with working on the creative strategies will lead to winners who can make the best from the comfort of their homes. Mentally unstable

4. Increasing social discrimination: This pandemic has bought social discrimination which every society has been trying to fight for ages. With the rich class working from home, and the lower class looking for work, the demand vacuum is filling up, while the supply side is rising.

Take a stroll down your neighborhood and you will see how the discrimination is now being turned to untouchability, where the higher class refuses to touch anything which the lower class has touched due to the fear of the virus.

5. Mental Sickness: WHile earlier there were cases of depression, abuse that people were suffering from, now it has turned into paranoia. Doubting everyone, washing hands multiple times, sanitizing your hand every second has lead to humans falling under the mental trap.


While we all talk about the pandemic, its effect on education, economy, market what we forget to discuss is the effect on mankind and their behavior. Most of us might connect and also experience these changes in ourselves, it is important to keep reminding ourselves that

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